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To make Your and Your Renters’ experience on Giggster as satisfying as possible, we’ve created the following rules that all Hosts are expected and required to follow. We take violations of these Rules seriously and may suspend or terminate an account for ongoing or serious transgressions. We may also remove or edit any content that violates these Rules or if we believe it negatively affects the integrity of Giggster or Giggster Users and may at our own discretion add and remove elements of these Hosting Rules over time by posting an updated version in our FAQ and/or Resource Center section. These Rules are complementary to the Location Agreement and Terms of Service that every Renter agrees to when placing a booking.

Hosts will:

1. Comply with any laws, including local permitting, zoning or tax laws and acquire all the necessary permitting, such as short term rental permitting.

If you don’t own your location or don’t have explicit permission from the property owner to list it, then you are not permitted to list it on Giggster. If you are renting, and not the actual owner or manager of a location, you are required to provide proof of approval from the owner/manager of the location before you list it.

2. State and keep the nature, condition, and pricing of locations up-to-date and accurate. Be honest about your location and give your Renters a realistic idea of the actual booking costs and clearly list any services you provide for an additional cost.

3. Provide the Renter with all of the information they will require to access the location prior to the booking start. If no access information is provided before the booking start time, the Renter will be eligible for a full refund.

4. Make sure to address any concerns raised by the Renter during the booking in a timely manner and use all available resources to solve the problem.

5. In case of overtime/damages/extra people on location make time stamped photos/videos/screenshots clearly showing the overages. At the end of the production/event, the Host or the Host’s site representative is required to make a walkthrough with the Renter to check the location for potential damages. In case of damages or more people on location than originally booked, the Host and the Renter are required to state the overages in a walkthrough report and sign it. Payment for the overages should be settled between the Renter and the Host. If the Renter and the Host fail to come to an agreement as to the overages, the Host has the right to file a claim with Giggster via Resolutions Portal within 48 hours from the end of the shoot. The walkthrough report and proof of the overages can be sent separately at Giggster will arbitrate the claim and its resolution will be final. Giggster will only attempt to charge the Renter for the overages based on clear irrefutable evidence.

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