Location Rules

Refine your listing settings to showcase what you specifically would like to allow or restrict at your location.

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Within β€œRules” in the Edit Listing section, you have the option to set Location Rules for the crew or guests who book your space.

This section is dedicated to setting important lines with regards to prospective bookings, ensuring guests have the right expectations about your location before moving forward with their reservation. It also helps to filter the right kind of activities you want to host at your space.

To Restrict an activity, simply mark the X next to that item:

Along with restricting rules, you also have the ability to showcase any rules that would like to Allow. If pets or loud noises are not restricted, for example, you can select the green checkmark next to them to mark them as allowed:

What happens when you Restrict or Allow a Location Rule?

  1. That activity will be shown to renters on your listing page as restricted or allowed, giving the renter an idea of whether his project will fit with your location requirements.

  2. Your listing will be shown (or hidden) in the search results, based on renters searching for specific activities. This gives you an opportunity to ensure the right renters are aware of your special Location Rules. This can be particularly beneficial if you want to showcase any Location Rules that you are allowing, since it will push your listing higher in results promoting those special and unique features about your property.

In either case, it is always useful to fill in more details about your listing. Utilization the Rules section can ultimately help to match your location with the right renters to ensure successful bookings!

How do I navigate to the "Rules" section?
Simply follow these steps:

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