We’ve recently released a new update to help further bring your location in front of the right audience with the goal in mind to always generate better quality bookings. We understand that every location is unique so we want to give you the option to really present those unique details to the right people.

This new feature is called Rule Allowances.

You can now not only set rules for what is Restricted but also what is Allowed. When you set your specific Allowances, they will be listed on your page, as well as in the search results, when a renter is looking for that specific activity.

For example, if you choose to allow “pets” at your location, you will be put in the search results for renters looking to create a booking that involves pets.

This is likely to give renters a better selection of locations that suit their needs, as well as showcasing your locations in front of the right audiences.

The goal is always to enable easier and higher quality bookings, while limiting any friction or cancellations that might result from misunderstandings.

How to enable Rule Allowances? Simply click on Edit Listing from your Dashboard and scroll down to “Rules.” From that page you can choose which activities you would like to Allow or Restrict.




Renter's view, when filtering results to match:

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