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Many hosts have asked for the option to set up recurring hours of availability for their locations.

Opening Hours is a quick and easy way to do that!

You can now set a recurring weekly schedule for your listing, based on the days and times it’s consistently available. Want your location open for bookings 9-5 on weekdays? No problem. Or maybe closed on weekend evenings? Piece of cake.

Set it up in just a few clicks. Like this 👇

(Simply head to your Dashboard --> Edit Listing, then scroll down to select "Opening Hours.)

You will be able to select specific times for each day of the week that you would like your location to be available for renters to book:

Opening Hours won’t conflict with Calendar Sync. Blocked or booked dates and times will sync normally, so your availability is always up-to-date.

That's it! Feel free to update your Opening Hours as you feel - simply head back to the same settings page if you wish to change your availability.

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