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How to create a successul production listing?

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How to create a successful Production listing?

If you thought that your old abandoned warehouse would never serve any purpose other than for storage, this article is for you. Locations for production purposes include literally all types of spaces: from old-fashioned empty rooms to stunning luxurious mansions. Just be creative and learn to present your space in the right way: who knows if a large production company is looking for a space like yours to be featured in their next blockbuster?

What is Production?

Production is a creative process - a still or motion shoot - with the purpose of producing photo or video materials for advertisements, music videos, publishing, social networks or just a collection of photos for a family album. And since there are no boundaries to creative imagination, any space can become an attractive location for production, from a small studio to a ranch to an abandoned warehouse or a laundromat! You can never know where the next big project takes its production this time!

What makes a Production listing

Based on the specific production goals, producers use keywords and filters to search for ideal locations. So, it is extremely important to reflect the key characteristics of your space in the listing to help your potential renter find your location on search. When creating your listing for various production purposes, make sure to indicate:

> category of the space (residential, commercial, production studio etc.)

> architectural style (mid-century modern, American, modern, industrial, hi-tech, etc.)

> most distinguishing features (open space, sunlit, large windows, with backyard/swimming pool, rooftop etc.)

Expert recommendation: If it is hard for you to choose that very key feature out of the multitude of characteristics typical of your versatile space, use your browser and search for the features to see how often they are looked for. Include the most searched-for features into the title and description of your listing.

What makes the listing ideal for Production?

Even if a space fully meets the producer’s requirements with regards to the type of location, its style and features, it still does not guarantee that the production will be a success. Once the producer picks a couple of locations out of the multitude of listings in the search results, they start contacting the owners to check on rental facilities, additional services and suitability of the location for production needs. So, it is not only the space itself, but also how the owner adjusts the location to production purposes and makes it convenient and production-friendly.

Think on how you can convert your space into a production-friendly location and emphasize how your extra services, equipment and add-ons facilitate the production process. Consider including the following add-ons designed for your renters’ convenience and for the production efficiency:

> Additional lighting equipment available upon request

> Backdrops

> Professional sound equipment

> Special make-up area

> Private dressing rooms

> Kitchen area for the crew to have lunch in

> Overnight storage space

An ideal location is not only about facilities, but also about the host’s availability to lend a hand to the crew whenever they need some extra help for the process to be smooth and efficient. Consider offering the following additional services:

> Assistance during set-up and wrap-up/load-in and load-out

> For multiple-day bookings, additional cleaning services

> Meal delivery options available nearby

All these things are crucial to hospitality, and just like tourists traveling for vacation, producers search for locations where they can work comfortably without too much hussle and stress.

How much to charge?

To set up the right price, check up the rates for similar locations in your area and for a good start, set up the rate lower than the average price on the listings of your type. Don’t be afraid of charging a noticeably lower price at the beginning: even if your first rentals do not bring you much money, they will bring you amazing reviews that will boost your listing in search results, experience, instill trust in your business in potential renters and improve the conversion. Once you get your first 3-5 bookings, feel free to increase the rates.

Expert recommendation: On Giggster, you can set up different rates for different crew sizes. Additionally, invite your renters to contact you directly with the details of their projects for a custom quote. Mention in the description of your listing that you are flexible with rates and provide discounts for students/small businesses/non-profit organizations. This will surely bring you more inquiries and thus increase your chances of getting your first booking faster.

How to create a million-dollar picture gallery?

No matter how many features you mention in the description, what actually attracts the potential customer’s eye is a cover photo of your location in the listing’s gallery. And choosing the best main photo is always a challenge, even for professional hosts. What are the key characteristics of that very cover photo that will make your listing stand out?

> Sunlit image with lots of natural light/good artificial lighting

> The image shows the main area for production purposes

> The image reflects the dimensions of the main area and the distribution of furniture/installations

> It is a full-size horizontal photo

> The minimum resolution of the quality image is of 1200x540

> Preferably the image of the interior of your space

Expert recommendation: Make sure to choose an informative photo for your renters. It is not that much about a subjective liking (when you like a photo of the backyard because you are fond of your apple tree or a photo of your kitchen because you are a chef), but about highlighting the efficiency of your premises, their flexible and versatile characteristics and the opportunities they open for the creative process.

After you have chosen the cover photo, it is time to choose the next 4 pictures appearing on the main listing page. Try to include pictures showing your space from different angles: different rooms, various lighting options (lighting at daytime/nighttime), empty vs. furnished space. It is not necessary to include photos with people.

To do or not to do: House rules

Being hospitable does not mean allowing the crew to do whatever they want and make a mess out of your location. It is absolutely understandable and actually expected that every location has its house rules that should be followed by the crew. Your responsibility is to explain such rules explicitly in the House Rules section and the Welcome Guide of your listing. Make sure to indicate the following:

> If smoking is allowed or not

> If alcohol is allowed or not

> If eating on site is allowed or not and if there is a designated area for eating

> If bathrooms can be used by the crew

> If there are restricted areas

> Noise restrictions

> Pet restrictions

> If the floor is protected or the crew should take care of it

> If furniture can be used and to what extent

> What types of activities are not allowed (adult content, nudity, underage talent)

> Parking area rules

> How much you charge for people overages and overtime

Whatever rules you have for your renters, they are all good as long as you share them in advance with your potential renters using the helpful features designed for this purpose: communication in the booking chat, welcome guide, house rules section of the listing and the listing’s description.

Last but not least

You already created and published your listing available for Production, but it has not generated any leads yet? Don’t get discouraged! It is always a good time to experiment, try different main photos and titles. Be creative and offer that very competitive advantage to your prospective renters by highlighting the add-on services available by request. Finally, whenever you have any doubts about how to structure your listing, don’t hesitate to contact Giggster’s Hosting and Onboarding team by sending us an email at or via the Help Chat on our website. We are looking forward to your successful hosting experience with us!

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