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Can a location have security cameras?
Can a location have security cameras?

Video surveillance and recording devices on site

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Renting out a property may be associated with concerns regarding the security of people and valuable things on site. Not all hosts require site reps to be present during bookings. Since not all renters want to pay an additional site rep fee, the hosts prefer to use security camera surveillance to be able to register instances of overtime, people overages, damages to property or violations of house rules. It is fine to use security cameras, as long as the renters are duly informed of this before they make a booking.

The hosts are allowed to:

  • Have surveillance cameras/other recording devices on site.

The hosts are required to:

  • Inform their renters in advance, before the renters make a booking, about the presence of recording devices/cameras. Add this information to the listing’s description/features.

  • Indicate where the cameras are located and whether they are turned on and off.

  • If the cameras are on, the host should specify if the video is being recorded and archived.

The renters have a right to:

  • Request that all cameras and recording devices be turned off during their booking.

The renters are required to:

  • In case the renter asks to turn off all recording devices, the renter may be asked to pay an additional site rep fee so that a site rep would be present during the booking and ensure compliance with all the house rules.

To sum up, security cameras and recording devices used to ensure safety, security and collection of valid evidence of damages and overages are allowed to be used on site as long as they are not undisclosed or concealed and both parties don’t mind their usage.

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