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How do I accurately represent my listing to renters?
How do I accurately represent my listing to renters?
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Setting realistic expectations with a detailed profile and accurate listing information is an important hosting responsibility. A full description with photos and specific details on property features will give production teams the confidence they need to request a booking.

Create an Accurate Listing

A well-described listing helps renters get a realistic sense of your space. Here are five tips to help your property shine:

  • Nail the basics. Write a detailed description and make sure to accurately represent all of your property's features.

  • If certain areas of your location are off-limits, let renters know. You should also inform renters if basic features such as cellphone reception or running water are not available on the property.

  • If you have specific property rules, such as 'No Animals Allowed' or 'No Alcohol', address the situation in your listing. If your property has a maximum occupancy let the production crew know in advance.

  • Be straightforward about the potential inconveniences that renters may encounter. Controlling sound on set is incredibly important for productions. If you have a neighbor that likes to play drums in his garage, or a nearby gardener that always cuts the grass on Wednesdays it's important to mention it.

  • Take a lot of high quality photographs. (Click here for our photography guide)

Set Fair Prices

Renters will assess the value of your listing, so it's important to set a price that balances expectations with what your listing has to offer. When you're setting your price, you may want to start with Giggster's tips and make adjustments based on similar spaces nearby.

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