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What is the Giggster service fee?
What is the Giggster service fee?
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At the completion of a booking, Giggster collects 19% from the final host payout as a service fee. This charge covers the use of our listing platform, the costs linked to marketing your listing, our support infrastructure and professional services plus our electronic payout services.

Giggster also collects a processing fee from the renter, which covers the costs of payment processing, product development, customer support, fraud prevention, etc.

The percentage of the fee often depends on the overall cost and features of the booking. As the cost of a booking goes up, the fee can go down.

Why does Giggster collect its fee from the host?

We've designed our payment model to be as simple and transparent as possible. This means providing renters the total price, up-front, on the property page. Nobody likes surprise charges and hidden service/processing fees, especially when it's on a $20,000 booking.

To compensate for this charge, we encourage our hosts to increase their rates to ensure that every payout aligns with their expectations.

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