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What information should I include in a Giggster location listing?
What information should I include in a Giggster location listing?
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Each location on Giggster should provide the basic details film crews will need to confidently request a booking. These basics include: a collection of quality photos, the property's availability calendar, base rates, amenities such as parking and rules and guidelines for shooting at the location.

We encourage hosts to also add their own detailed description of what sets their place apart. Let producers know the history of the property, what you’ve done with it, and any other details you think will make your location stand out.

To edit location details, click on the 'Listings' tab and find the location you want to edit (All listings, Active, In Review or Unpublished). Once you find the location you want to edit, simply click the "Edit Listing" button located to the right of the location title, and this will take you to the location editor screen.

From here, you can edit the categories as needed. Simply click the category that you want to edit, and once you change the description to your liking, click the "Next" button to move to another category. Make sure to click the "Save and Exit" button once you're finished editing.

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