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How do I add a custom fee to my listing?
How do I add a custom fee to my listing?

Custom fee features help ensure you are properly compensated for hosting a shoot

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Giggster provides a cool pricing feature that allows hosts to integrate custom fees directly into their public listing.  Whether it's site rep fees, studio equipment rentals, or doggy day care, it's now easier than ever to account for the hidden costs of hosting a shoot. This feature also provide greater transparency into the real cost of renting your property, and decreases the need for migraine inducing negotiations.

To add a custom fee to your location, click the "Edit Listing" button located to the right of the location title you want to edit, and this will take you to the location editor screen.

Since you want to edit pricing, simply click on the PRICING header and scroll down until you see the 'Additional Fees' section. To save changes, I click the 'NEXT' button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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