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What does a site rep do?
What does a site rep do?

Role of the site rep on site

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A site representative is a friendly third-party mediator who assists both the host and the renter to ensure the process goes as planned and to keep everyone safe. They make sure any property damage is avoided and take extra care to make sure all renters comply with the rules of the house, such as what areas are off limits, and anything else that might be needed.

If you decide to hire a Site Rep for your upcoming session, the renter will incur an additional fee that will go towards their professional Site Representative. However, please keep in mind that if a Site Rep is not selected, you (host) will need to take the time to complete a walk-through yourself after the session and sign a site rep report to ensure that the conditions of the property and that any rules have been adhered to.

If you are located in Los Angeles, Giggster is available to provide a highly experienced Site Representative. Our roster of qualified professionals typically charges $400 for an 8-hour day, $450 for 10 hours and $500 for 12 hours. We would be more than happy to help source a Site Rep for you! Please feel free to reach out to us via email at with the details of your upcoming session.

Please find a template for a site rep report here.

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