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When do I receive my 1099?
When do I receive my 1099?

When will 1099 forms be sent out?

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Giggster sends out tax forms, both in paper and digital formats, in late January and early February each year. Hosts can expect to receive their tax forms during this period.

Giggster will mail paper copies of the 1099 tax forms to hosts. These forms will be sent to the address on file with Giggster. It's important for hosts to ensure their address is correct and up to date to receive the paper form.

Giggster also provides hosts with temporary links to access and download their digital 1099 tax forms. Hosts will receive an email with the link to access the digital form. Please note that the links provided are temporary and may expire after a certain period, so hosts should promptly access and download their digital forms.

What should hosts do if they have not received their tax forms?

If hosts have not received their tax form by mid-March, they should reach out to Giggster's Customer Service for assistance. Giggster's support team will be able to address any concerns or issues regarding the delivery of tax forms.

Can hosts choose between paper and digital forms?

Giggster automatically provides both paper and digital formats of the tax forms to hosts. Hosts will receive a paper form via mail, but they will also have the option to access and download a digital form using the temporary links provided.

What if hosts need additional assistance or have questions about their tax forms?

If hosts require additional assistance or have any questions or concerns about their tax forms, they should contact Giggster's Customer Service. The support team is available to provide guidance and address any issues related to tax form retrieval.

Hosts should be aware of their tax obligations and consult with a tax professional or refer to IRS guidelines for specific tax-related questions.

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