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As a host, do I need insurance?
As a host, do I need insurance?

Host insurance requirements

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Hosts are required to have sufficient homeowner insurance, as stipulated in our Terms of Service, Paragraph 13:

"13. Insurance

A. Giggster requires that Lister and/or the Renter obtain insurance or review their existing policies and make sure their insurance covers any loss that may arise out of the use of that particular Property by the Renter, its guests, invitees, vendors, clients, customers or licensees, including policies covering property damage, casualty, personal injury, fire, and general liability (“Sufficient Insurance”). Giggster disclaims any and all liability for Lister or Renter’s failure to be covered by Sufficient Insurance. To the extent Lister has not obtained and does not have Sufficient Insurance, it shall require Renter to purchase such Sufficient Insurance prior to the booking start date. Giggster shall have no liability for the Parties’ failure to contract a Sufficient Insurance."

In addition to the host's insurance, renters should also obtain short-term general liability and property damage insurance and provide such insurance to the host prior to the start of the booking. The policy provided by the renter should include the host's name and the listing's address so that the host can file a claim with the insurance company in case of damages to the property or general liability cases covered by the insurance certificate.

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