What is a Site Rep Report?

What is the difference between a Walkthrough Report and a Site Rep Report?

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Giggster protects the host and the renter with the Location Agreement that establishes a Site Rep Report/Walkthrough Report requirement for a smooth completion of the booking.

As established in Clause 12.3. of the Location Agreement for Productions and Clause 11.3 of the Location Agreement for Events, “Producer/Renter and Host must be present at the completion of the Production/Event for a final walkthrough of the Premises and to sign off on the Site Rep Report/Walkthorough Report.

If the host is present on site to complete a walkthrough, the document is called a Walkthrough Report. If the host is represented by a Site Representative, the same document is usually called a Site Rep Report. Both reports include the same information, but a Walkthrough Report is signed by the host and the renter, while a Site Rep Report is signed by the site rep and the renter.

A report includes the following key components:

> Name of the location

> Date of the booking

> Start and end times

> Number of people present

> Overtime if any

> People overages if any

> Damages if any

> Minor charges if any

> Additional fees incurred during the booking

> Name of the Renter

> Renter’s signature

> Host’s/Site rep’s signature

You will need just a sheet of paper and a pen to create and fill out a report with the required information. Giggster provides you with a template of the Site Rep Report and a template of the Walkthrough Report for your convenience:

Remember to fill out a Walkthrough Report/ Site Rep Report with your renter at the end of the booking. If you are not able to be on site, assign a site rep and remind them to create a Site Rep Report and ask the Renter to sign it. You will be asked to upload a report to Giggster’s claim portal when you submit a claim and report overages or damages.

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