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How do I change the pricing for my location?
How do I change the pricing for my location?

Update pricing for different types of activities and crew sizes

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With the change of seasons and demand, pricing variation is natural and expected to happen twice a year and sometimes even more often.

For your Giggster listing, you can set up default rates for three types of activities (production, meetings, events) and different crew tiers. Remember that you can update the default pricing at any moment by going to the Listings tab and clicking on the price icon in the top right-hand corner.

Use the Automatic pricing switcher to turn on or off the automatic pricing. If the switcher is on, the prices for multiple crew tiers will be adjusted automatically based on the minimum price set by you for the lowest tier (1-5 people). If the switcher is off, you will set up prices for each crew tier manually.

On the same page, you can change the minimum hours required for the booking and the currency.

If you have custom pricing that does not fit into the suggested pricing paradigm, for example, when prices are different for particular types of events or on certain days of the week/year, make sure to add a note about the custom pricing to the listing’s description and invite your future renters to send you a booking inquiry to get a custom quote based on the specifics of their project.

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