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Giggster 'Play' (Recreation)
Giggster 'Play' (Recreation)

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Introducing "Play" (aka Recreation) – our newest category for activity types. 'Play' encompasses all kinds of recreational activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Meditation

  • Pickleball

  • Boating

Alongside our existing three main categories (Production, Events, and Meetings), Play is tailored to accommodate bookings where renters are specifically seeking spaces for recreational activities. With this fourth category, we aim to present a diverse array of choices for renters and additional revenue opportunities for our hosts.

If you already have a pool, basketball court, or other recreational type of location, you can now create your own Play listing to be rented on Giggster. Play listings have their own category, pricing and details, and can be searched specifically by renters via the new 'Play' category.

⭐️ Need a hand? Let us create a Play listing for you! ⭐️

While all Play location types can be added at this time, we are currently focussing on three specifically to prioritize what is most popular to renters at this time. To get ahead in this new initiative, our team is ready to create listings for the following location types:

👉 Pools

👉 Boats

Click on the appropriate link above, complete the information on the subsequent pages, and we'll set up your new listing within 2-3 business days.

Otherwise, follow the instructions below to create a new listing yourself or for any other types of Play locations.

Creating a Play listing from scratch:

If you have a new 'Play' location to add (such as a swimming pool or volleyball court), start by creating a new listing. At the end of the listing setup, be sure to select "Recreation" (aka 'Play') as an Activities category.

Please note:

  • Not all locations are suitable for 'Play,' so ensure you only enable 'Play' for spaces that can accommodate recreational activities.

  • If cannot find your type of location on the onboarding screen, simply select Sports Venue, under Residential. Then the following few pages, you will be able to refine your listing details.

Enabling "Recreation" on existing locations:

If you wish to update a current listing to include 'Play' activities, go to your Listing Settings -> Edit Listing, then to "Activities," where you can opt-in by selecting "Recreation." Your listing will then appear in search results for recreational activities.

How does pricing work?

Similar to Productions, Events, and Meetings, Play activities will have their own pricing tier. Once "Recreation" is added to your listing, the Pricing setting will automatically update to the new "Recreation" pricing tier. Adjust the pricing settings to the hourly rate you wish to charge for your location's recreational use.Introducing Play - our newest category for activity types.

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