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Giggster Damage Protection

How the Giggster Damage Protection plan works.

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How it works

Giggster's Damage Protection coverage offers an affordable way to cover your booking against damages for the rental period. It covers up to $2,000 in total damages occurred.

Here are the details.


Damage Protection coverage applies to damage that occurs during your rental.

Giggster considers any major scratches, scuffs, dents, broken pieces, or other major damage caused unintentionally or accidentally to be damage. Normal wear and tear is not considered to be damage under the Damage Protection option.


All claims under Damage Protection are subject to a deductible of $500.

Example: You rent a listing and $1500 worth of damage occurs. The first $500 would be covered by the renter and the next $1000 would be paid for by Giggster.


All claims are subject to review by the Giggster Claims Team.

Damage Protection does not cover water damage, wear and tear, cosmetic scratches or blemishes, or purely negligent damage occurred from the renter.

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