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For Renters
Location defects and damages before the start of the booking
How to cancel a booking request?
As a renter, can I receive a refund if the location does not match the photos on Giggster?
Promo Code Terms and Conditions
What is a Superhost?
Search Filters
Permit Services
Tips for Using Giggster's Search
Giggster Damage Protection Terms & Conditions
Giggster Damage Protection
What is the Giggster Processing Fee?
How do I book a location on Giggster?
How do I contact a host without sending a booking request?
Can I get a host's email or phone number?
When will I be charged for my booking?
Do I have to create an account to message a host?
How do I cancel a booking?
How do I edit a booking as a Renter?
How do I remove an add-on from a booking?
How do I contact the host?
Do I need a permit for my rental?
How can I update my payment information?
As a renter, do I need insurance?
Where can I find host's contact information?
How do I add an add-on to my booking as a Renter?
At what step of the booking process will I be charged for my booking?
Giggster's Production Insurance
Booking Recreational Locations