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Tips for Using Giggster's Search
Tips for Using Giggster's Search

Quick tips for getting the best results from our search page.

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Giggster's search is a full text "Google" like solution. Enter in any keyword and we will scan our database of locations tags, titles, and descriptions to show you the most accurate search result. Check out the tips below and learn how to use Giggster's search to it's full potential. 

What can I look up:

Anything! But here are the best areas to get started with:

  • Location Types - House, Warehouse, Studio, Office, Mansion etc...

  • Styles - Mid-century Modern, Retro, Art Deco etc....

  • Features - Pool table, City View, Kitchen, Backyard etc...

  • Location Names - The Goldstein House, The Dark Knight's Garage etc...

If you need ideas use the "Filter" drop down for a list of all our tags.

How does it work?

  • Keywords that are inside commas are defined as a single phrase by our search engine. For example, you will get different results for "Pool House," vs  "Pool, House,". The first entry will search for locations that have a "Pool House" while entry number 2 will find locations that are tagged as a "House" and have a "Pool". 

  • Try to use keywords from the auto-suggest drop down. These keywords are from our list of assigned tags and will pull in more accurate results. 

What if I keep getting "No Locations Found"?

  • Our search will not pick up every misspelling. Spell check every word and correct any typos.

  • Try simplifying your search by removing some keywords. Complex searches will return more specific locations but less results overall. Broaden your search a bit by removing some of the more unique words or phrases. 

  • Expand your search area. As you refine the area you are looking in, you will see less results. Search whole cities rather than smaller towns or zoom out on the map to see more locations. 

I hope this article was able to help you find the right locations using Giggster's powerful search tools. If not, feel free to ask our team to look for you:

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