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Promo Code Terms and Conditions
Promo Code Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

  1. You must have an active Giggster account

  2. If your promo code has expired, there is no way to re-activate it.

  3. Promo codes can only be used once. If you cancel a reservation that used a promo code, the promo code is no longer valid.

  4. Promo codes can't be applied retroactively.

  5. Individual promo codes aren't transferable. A coupon can only be used by the person it was given to.

  6. Only one promo code can be used per reservation.

Promo codes are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash, and may not be combined with any other Giggster promo codes. All Giggster promo codes are one-time use only, one per customer, and expire 6 months following issuance. Determinations of eligibility will be made in Giggster's sole discretion. Giggster reserves the right to any remedy, including denial of the promo or cancellation of your account or reservations, if fraud, tampering, violations of Giggster's Terms of Service or technical errors are suspected or occur.

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