Overtime, Damages and Overages
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It's not unusual for productions to take a bit longer than previously expected.
However, since Hosts have a tight schedule of their own, any overtime beyond the grace period of 15 minutes has to be paid for by the renter.

If a Renter goes overtime or there are more guests on site than booked, please let the Renter know they need to pay for the overages, and update the booking with the additional hours or larger crew size under Bookings > the booking in question > “Update Booking” button at the bottom of the page. Collecting payment during the booking guarantees the Host's payout for the overages.

As stipulated in the Location Agreement, the Renter and the Host are required to do a final walkthrough after the booking. The Host and the Renter are to state any overages (if any) - overtime, extra people or damages in the site rep/walkthrough report and sign the document.

If the Host and the Renter cannot come to an agreement and process payment for the overages themselves, the Host can file a claim in Giggster’s resolution portal within 48 hours from the end of the booking with the walkthrough/site rep report and evidence of the overages attached. In case the payment was not collected during/within 1 hour after the booking, inform the renter of the overages (preferably in writing) and file a claim in Giggster’s resolution portal. Our Claims Resolution team will review your claim and send the Renter an invoice. Once the Renter confirms the charge on their card, the Renter will be charged and the Host will be issued a payout for the overages.

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