Before placing a booking, we highly encourage our renters to set up a scouting session with the host and see the location for themselves. This way you'll be able to see if the location would actually work for your production and clear all the potential questions out of the way with the host.
If, however, you didn't have enough time for a scout, came to the location on the booked date just to find that the place wouldn't work for some reason, please follow these steps:
1. Stop production right away.

2. Take photos/videos of the aspects of the location that prevented the production from happening.
3. Address the host/location manager/site rep with the issues at once.

4. Contact our Support via the Help chat on the site or email us at and let us know you are cancelling the production.

In this case we can guarantee your full refund. If, however, you did not notify Giggster Support right away and started/continued production at the location, we can't guarantee any reimbursement.

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