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How do I sync my Giggster calendar with outside calendars?

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Keeping track of free time slots for your Giggster location in sync with your external availability calendar allows you to maintain your Giggster calendar up-to-date and always reflect your listing’s availability correctly. This in turn increases your chances of attracting qualifying guests on search and leads to more bookings. Once you’ve connected your calendars together, the sync will be maintained automatically saving you time and effort.

Syncing your calendars takes just a couple quick steps:

1. Navigate to your Listing > Calendar:

2. On the Calendar page scroll down to Direct Sync and click “Sync Now”:

3. On the next step choose the calendar you want to sync with:

4. Once you’ve chosen the app, you will be prompted to choose the calendar you wish to sync your Giggster calendar with (Please make sure to sync your location availability calendar and not your personal calendar).

5. Once it’s done, you’re all set!

If your calendar is not on one of the services listed above, you can utilize our iCal format option. Please note that for the iCal format we only support import of the location’s availability from your external calendar, and your bookings that happen on Giggster will have to be marked on an external calendar manually.

To sync your calendar via the iCal option:

1. Go to your calendar service/app, and in your location calendar settings find a public link to the calendar in iCal format and copy the link.

2. Get back to your Giggster profile > Listing > Calendar and at the bottom of the page click “Import calendar”:

3. On the window that will open up, type in your calendar’s name, paste the link and click “Sync calendar”. That’s it!

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