Keeping track of free time slots for your Giggster location in sync with your external availability calendar allows you to maintain your Giggster calendar up-to-date and always reflect your listing’s availability correctly. This in turn increases your chances of attracting qualifying guests on search and leads to more bookings. Once you’ve connected your calendars together, the sync will be maintained automatically saving you time and effort.

You can sync your Giggster calendar with any calendars supporting the Internet Calendar (iCal) format (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and many more) and it will take you a couple of minutes to get it done. Just follow the instructions outlined below and feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support in case you need any extra assistance.

To learn how to sync your Giggster calendar with your Google calendar click here

To learn how to sync your Giggster calendar with your Apple Calendar click here

If you aren't using Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, you can still sync with Giggster as long as your calendar service supports iCal format:

1. Go to your Listings > Calendar and click "Import calendar":

2. Go to your calendar service/app, and in your location calendar settings find a public link to the calendar in iCal format and copy the link.

3. Get back to your Giggster profile, type in your calendar’s name, paste the link and click “Sync calendar”:

Your Giggster calendar and your external calendar will be synced.

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