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How can I improve my position on Giggster search?
How can I improve my position on Giggster search?
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Your score as a host and consequently the place your listing takes among the search results is based on the following factors:

1. Factors that affect your position among the search results: Responsiveness and Response Rate.

As a host you are required to answer all inquiries from renters/clients in a timely manner, so that you don't leave any inquiry unanswered (ending with a renter's question).
There also shouldn't be any booking requests that expire. It's completely up to you whether to take a booking or reject it, but you shouldn't leave a booking request hanging.

Unresponsiveness decreases your listing's visibility on the platform and may result in account suspension.

2. Factors that boost your rating in the search results: Bookings and Reviews.

Having at least one booking on the platform boosts your rating. If you have a booking AND a review with a 4 or higher score, you rating will increase even more. The more bookings you have, the more your rating will get increased. Therefore, we advise to set your initial prices lower than you normally would to get your first bookings, and later you can increase the price, if you find that necessary.

3. Bonus factor. New listings get a temporary boost to increase their presence among the search results.

4. Being a Superhost gives your listing(s) a boost as well -

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