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Location hunting can sometimes feel overwhelming. In order to facilitate your search we've created many filter possibilities to refine results and help you navigate through the Giggster platform.

To find a filter, simply navigate to the 'Filters' section of your search results page:

From 'Filters', you can refine your search by selecting one -or several - options within the menu.

We encourage you to explore these options to find what works for your project. That being said, here are a few useful new filters that might be worth noting:

Instant Book: Refine search results to just locations that have enabled the Instant Book feature. Instant Book means that a host has allowed their location to be booked instantly, without needing to approve or reject the request. This gives you the option to reserve your space and guarantee a date right away. You can always tell if a location has Instant Book enabled because there will be a '⚡️ ' icon next to it's listing result.

Fresh Listings: This option will show listings on the platform that have ben added within the last 3 months.

Minimum Hours: Set the number of minimum hours you require for your project and then see the locations that allow that same setting. For example, you may need a location for a very quick project and will need a minimum requirement of just one hour. Simply slide the settings to allow for listings with a one hour minimum requirement to see the results.

Since every location has it's minimum hour requirements set independently, this filter will ensure you see the listings that will work for your situation.

Location Allows: Hosts have the option to restrict certain activities at their locations such as alcohol, pets or loud music. However, hosts can also showcase when these activities are allowed. When a host highlights an activity "allowance" their listing will be added to the Location Allows search results for that given activity.

So, if you are looking for locations that allow loud music, for example, you can select the loud noises option within the 'Location Allows' section to ensure you see locations that will specifically be able to accomodate you.

🔭 Best of luck with your location hunting!

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