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Create additional service or feature options for your location.

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We've recently created the "Add-ons" feature to help hosts to customize what is offered at their location. Add-ons can be navigated to simply by selecting the link from your home page:

What are Add-ons?
Add-ons are additional services or products available at your location that you would like to give your renter the option to use for their booking. They are usually within the categories of services, furniture, equipment or experiences... Some typical examples of Add-ons might be:

  • Lighting equipment

  • Monitors or speakers

  • Tables and chairs

  • Green screens or backdrops

  • Production services (hair and makeup, video editing)

(* Please note: Add-ons are different from Additional Fees, which are included in every booking and are not optional for the renter to add at checkout. A cleaning fee, for example, would be typically added as an Additional Fee rather than an Add-on, since it would be included in every booking.)

How do I create an Add-on?

Add-ons can be created from the Add-on tab at the top of your home page. Simply select "Add item" then fill out the corresponding form such as "Item name", "Category", "Description" and "Price."

Select which type of pricing unit applies to your Add-on. For example, tables and chairs may require a 'per item' pricing, whereas a green screen might be a 'flat' or 'hourly' fee:

Copy Add-ons to multiple listings
Once your Add-on item is created and saved it will be added to your list of Add-ons. You can then simply enable it or disable it for the listing(s) of your choice. There is no need to create an item more than once. If you have multiple listings, select the desired listing from the drop-down menu to customize Add-ons for that location!

Renter experience
Once the Add on is enabled for your listing, a renter will be given the option to add it while checking out upon making a booking request. Each item's fee will be added to the total booking cost and a breakdown will be presented to the renter before confirming the booking. (*Please note, Add-ons are also subject to the Giggster 19% commission.)

That's it! Feel free to create any Add-on that works for your location. You might want to learn from past bookings from renter-requests, get ideas of Add-ons that might work for your space.

(Add-ons are completely optional, and you can still host your location without any Add-ons enabled.)

* Join the conversation about Add-ons on the Giggster Community with other hosts and the Product Team:

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