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Location defects and damages before the start of the booking
Location defects and damages before the start of the booking

What to do in case of pre-existing damages on site

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If by arriving at the location you discover pre-existing damages or defects, make sure to draw the host’s attention to them and duly document such defects with photos/videos and a check-in walk-through report.

Three steps will protect you from further misunderstandings and confusion regarding the pre-existing damages:

  1. Take time-stamped photos/videos of the damages.

  2. Add notes about pre-existing damages to the walk-through report.

  3. Inform the host of the discovered defects immediately.

If the host or their site-rep are not present on site, send the host a message describing the issues on site and further contact Giggster Customer Support team at Don’t forget to send the evidence via email to the Customer Support.

If the pre-existing defects prevent you from proceeding with your activity at the location, inform Giggster immediately via the Help Chat on our website, via email at or by calling +1 (818) 900-5121 .

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