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How does Giggster's payment / payout system work?
How does Giggster's payment / payout system work?
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All payments are executed through the Giggster platform and are processed by our third-party payment provider Stripe.

As a renter you will be charged in full as soon as the booking request is accepted by the location host. At that point, the Giggster cancellation and refund policy takes effect.

Host payouts will be deposited into their preferred bank account and are processed within 7 days of the start of the reservation. For multi-day bookings, the payout is issued to the host on the last day of production/event. If your crew stays at a location beyond the hours you have reserved, the host must let the Giggster team know about the overtime within 48 hrs from the end of the shoot via our resolutions portal - ttps:// .

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