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As a renter what is the policy for staying past the end of my booking?
As a renter what is the policy for staying past the end of my booking?
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As an industry professional, you’ve likely seen your fair share of shoots that have run over time. If this happens at a Giggster location, it is up to the host to decide whether you will be allowed to stay beyond the stated time in the booking. If you are allowed to continue the shoot, you will be charged for overtime at 150% of your hourly rate, prorated by the half-hour.

As an example, if your crew stays beyond the scheduled end time for an additional hour and 15 minutes, you would be charged at time-and-a-half for 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of time in the space. This additional charge ensures that hosts are able to pay for any needed resources or staff to stay beyond the time previously agreed upon in the booking confirmation. It is the host’s responsibility to track the exact time you leave the location and you should expect an invoice from Giggster with the description of the extra charges and the amounts.

If a host agrees to let you use the location for additional time after the booking is confirmed but before it takes place, it is up to them whether to charge it as overtime or at the property’s normal rate.

As a renter, if you're interested in extending your booking while at the location, you should check in with the host to make sure they can accommodate your overtime request. In some cases, the location may not be available beyond the hours previously reserved.

For more information, head over to our explanation of the payment process.

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