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How do Giggster's search filters work?
How do Giggster's search filters work?
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Giggster makes finding great filming locations easier than ever. Our dynamic search function automatically updates results based on a set of project parameters such as location type, style and features.

Applying search filters will save you time and help you compare similar properties in our database:

  • Price: Use the sliding scale to find listings in your exact price range.

  • Property Type: Select the general category (commercial, residential, studio) and then narrow down your search (warehouse, mansion, bar, hotel, recording studio etc.)

  • Features: Select the property details that matter most. Many features are specific to a particular property type. For example, the feature 'paper backdrops' can only be found when searching studios.

  • Parking: Screen your results by specifying if you need street or private parking access.

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