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Do I need insurance to host production?
Do I need insurance to host production?

Insurance requirements for production

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To host production, the host is required to have sufficient home insurance coverage that would protect them against any liabilities arising from bodily injury or damage to the renter's equipment on site. The host should contact their insurance provider to check on applicable coverage and additional event insurance options if needed.

At the same time, according to the Location Agreement, every renter should have production insurance with a $2 million minimum in general liability and property damage.

By renting spaces and/or vehicles, the renter agrees to provide the host with an insurance certificate (COI), generated by a licensed insurance provider, carrier, broker, or agent, that confirms the adequate and applicable insurance coverage for the rental of spaces and/or automobiles.

If a claim is filed with the insurance company, the host and the renter should communicate directly with the insurance company to get updates on the claim processing and dispute resolution.

You can find more information on insurance requirements under our Terms of Service, and in the Location Agreement the renter and the host agree to when finalizing a booking.

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