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Where can I find host's contact information?
Where can I find host's contact information?

How to get in touch with the host?

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Where can renters find the host's contact information on Giggster?

Giggster does not display or share host's contact information directly on the platform for privacy and security reasons. However, renters can request their host's phone number or email address through Giggster's chat only for setting up a scout tour or coordinating access to the location.

Why doesn't Giggster display or share host's contact information?

Giggster prioritizes the privacy and security of both renters and hosts. To ensure a safe and reliable platform experience, Giggster does not publicly disclose or share the host's contact information. This policy helps maintain privacy and protects both parties' personal information.

Can renters request their host's phone number or email address?

Yes, renters can request the host's phone number or email address by using Giggster's chat feature. Renters can initiate a conversation with their host through the chat and politely ask for the host's contact information to arrange location scouting or to send the host a copy of the certificate of insurance and a filming/event permit when applicable.

Contact information exchange is allowed for setting up a scout tour or coordinating access to the location. If any agreements are made during the scout, via direct communication outside of the Giggster booking chat, it is important that the parties follow up on such agreements in the Giggster chat and put them there in writing.

Are there any exceptions to accessing host's contact information?

Giggster may provide host's/renter's contact information in case of an emergency. If a renter finds themselves in an emergency situation during their booking, they should contact Giggster's support team immediately. Giggster may provide necessary contact details to assist in such situations.

How can renters communicate with their hosts on Giggster?

Renters can communicate with their hosts using Giggster's built-in chat feature. The chat feature enables renters and hosts to exchange messages, ask questions, discuss booking details, and address any concerns related to the rental.

What should renters do if they encounter issues with communication or need further assistance?

If renters encounter any difficulties with communication or require additional assistance, they should reach out to Giggster's Customer Service. The support team is available to help resolve any communication issues and provide guidance throughout the booking process.

It is important for renters to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the host's contact information and only use it for essential communication purposes related to the booking.

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