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A renter wants to add more hours to a booking. How do I do that?
A renter wants to add more hours to a booking. How do I do that?
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To add more hours to your booking, go to Bookings > the booking in question and at the bottom of the page click “Update Booking

On the page that will open up you will be able to add/remove hours and increase/decrease the crew size tier.

After you’ve sent a Booking Update offer, your Renter will receive a notification in-app and also to their email informing them of the update pending their approval. Once approved, the Renter will be charged/refunded based on the proposed modifications and both parties will be notified in-app and via email.

The Location Agreement will be regenerated and the updated version will be available on the Booking page.

Please note that until the Renter approves the update, the current booking details and Location Agreement will remain in force.

If the booking update is not approved until the end of the booking, it will expire. In that case the Host can just file a claim in Giggster’s Resolution portal and our team will process it.

Note: Bookings with Giggster Production Insurance can only be modified through Giggster Support.

In case of any questions or issues, please feel free to reach out to Giggster Support via Help chat or and we’ll gladly help you update your booking.

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