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How do I contact a host without sending a booking request?
How do I contact a host without sending a booking request?
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In many cases, you will want to message a host to get more information without committing to a formal booking request. To do so, go to any listing page and click the "Message Host" button directly beneath the host's profile photo.

Please keep in mind that sending a booking request means committing to a booking and once the host approves it, you will be charged for the booking and the Giggster Cancellation policy starts to apply. If you just want to inquire about the possibility of booking the place and need to clarify some details, please click the "Message Host" button and start a chat with the host to get any uncertainties out of the way.

Once you've confirmed all of the details and are ready to book, you can submit a booking request directly from the listing page by clicking “Request Booking”.

Please, keep communication in the booking chat. Contact information exchange is allowed for setting up a scout tour or coordinating access to the location.

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