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Safety Tips for Hosts
Safety Tips for Hosts
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Be honest with your renter

Transparency is key and the foundation for trust and long-term success when hosting. Be sure to set clear expectations and rules with all potential renters and provide accurate information about the features and amenities of your location.

Get to know your renter

Remember, all users must be at least 18 yrs old in order to transact through Giggster. If a guest appears to be underage or is misrepresenting the user on the profile, please contact Giggster Support so we may intervene and obtain verification documents from the renter.

Ask all of the necessary questions before accepting a booking

Make sure to ask clarifying questions about the renter’s project, its nature, impact level, their expectations about the space and their attendees, especially if alcohol will be present.

Get ready for and supervise bookings

Before production or event start, be sure to remove or secure valuable or sensitive items. Conduct a walkthrough with your guest before and after the booking and take pre and post-booking photos/videos of the property. If you plan to stay on site or supervise with live video surveillance, let the guest know upfront to avoid confusion and set the right expectations.

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a guest, please reach out to Giggster Support at +1 (818) 900-5121 or, so that we may intervene. Be sure to carefully document the situation and collect evidence to the best of your ability.

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