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What is Giggster's dispute resolution policy?
What is Giggster's dispute resolution policy?
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Hosts and renters may end the booking immediately if any laws are broken, either party does not adhere to the Giggster Location Agreement or if someone's personal safety becomes a concern.

For non-emergency disputes, users must begin the dispute process within 2 calendar days of the shoot. Like all communications on Giggster, this process is initiated through communication between the hosts and renters via our messaging system.

  1. Message the Host or Renter with an explanation of the incident in an effort to reach an amicable resolution. When a decision is reached, share your resolution via email to and we will confirm it with both parties, then process payment accordingly.

  2. If you are unable to reach a resolution with the other party or feel uncomfortable contacting them directly, you can escalate the issue to our team by completing our resolution form here. Please provide a thorough description of the issue, including photos, video, or a walkthrough report. You must also include proof of value for damaged items (i.e. purchase receipt) or an estimate from a licensed vendor for repairs. Upon receiving your report, our dispute team will:

  • Inform both parties that a dispute has been filed.

  • Request any additional information to be submitted to over the next two business days.

  • After two business days, the dispute team will inform the host and renter of their resolution and process any payments.

By involving Giggster in your damage dispute, you agree to accept our decision.

Read our Terms of Service for more information on damages, as well as our articles on insurance and security deposits.

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