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Giggster Cancellation Protection for Renters
Giggster Cancellation Protection for Renters
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We understand that peace of mind is important for a flawless production, so we’ve created a couple of “crash mat” protection options for Renters.

At booking check-out you will be offered 2 types of protection packages to choose from: Minimum and Standard.

Minimum package provides Giggster’s Damage Protection, which offers an affordable way to cover your booking against damages for the rental period. It covers up to $2,000 in total damages occurred and has a $500 deductible. The coverage costs $99 per booking.

The Standard option offers:

- Cancellation protection. If you need to cancel a booking at any point, we have your back! Cancellation protection makes you exempt from Giggster Cancellation Policy and guarantees a 100% refund under the following conditions:

The price of Cancellation protection depends on the price of the booking and amounts to 5% of the Booking total before promo codes.

The Cancellation Protection fee (price of the Cancellation protection paid) is non-refundable.

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