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15 Questions Giggster Superhosts Ask
15 Questions Giggster Superhosts Ask

Questions to ask your renters before accepting a booking request and prior to the booking

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You have already equipped your location with all the useful props, worked on creating an eye-catching listing and even published it on Giggster. And here comes… the first booking request. “What should I do?”, you might ponder. To think that you should only accept the request and sit back waiting for your payout is not right. For a successful and smooth hosting experience, it is absolutely essential to communicate with your renters before and after accepting a booking request, as well as during and after the booking itself. What topics to cover and what questions to ask? Here is a comprehensive list of the most important questions to ask in communication with your renters.

Stage 1: Ready

At this preliminary stage, before you hit “Accept”, make sure to ask questions that will help you understand if your location is a good fit for the renter’s project and if the renter’s project is what you potentially want to accommodate.

Question 1: What kind of activity are you planning to hold?

Clarify if the renter is going to book for production, event or a meeting. If they book for production, ask if it is a motion or a still shoot, what type of content they will present and if they can share a script or a summary of the plot. If it is an event or a meeting, ask if the renter wants to serve food, alcohol and/or allow smoking; if they turn on music, how loud it will be; and who will take care of cleaning the location after the event. Based on this information, you will get an idea of what to expect on site.

Question 2: How many people will be on site?

This question is extremely important for you to understand if your location has sufficient space for the number of people participating in the activity. Also clarify if you allow extra people and if so, at what rate you will charge for people overages. Sometimes plans change and renters bring more people than allowed according to the Location Agreement generated for your booking. Indicating in writing how much will be charged for extra people would help prevent misunderstanding and confusion in the future.

Question 3: Do you need to scout the location?

The renter has a right to scout the location before they make a booking.So, if your renter asks for scouting and you really want them to book, find the time to meet your renter in person. It would be good if you could allow free scouting at least for your first 10 renters. In the future, you can start charging a reasonable scouting fee, depending on the time your renters request for a visit. Scouting is helpful not only for your renters, but also for you. This way you both can make sure the location is the ideal spot for the project and prevent disappointment.

Question 4: What is your budget for this activity?

When asking this question, you not only determine if the renter can afford booking your space, but you also estimate if they are able to cover possible overtime or additional fees that may be incurred during the booking.

Question 5: What type of equipment will be used?

In the house rules section of your listing, you can indicate if certain equipment and products are allowed on site or not, for example smoke machines, hazers, confetti etc. Even if you already indicated this in the listing’s details, it wouldn’t hurt to double check with your renter on what they are planning to bring over.

Question 6: Do you have a COI?

According to the Location Agreement, a renter should obtain a short-term certificate of insurance (COI) for all bookings made through Giggster. Don’t forget to remind your renter of this important requirement that contributes to your safe hosting experience.

Question 7: Do you have a filming permit?

Filming permits are also required by default for all bookings made for production purposes. However, in fact, they are not always needed. It is the host’s responsibility to check with the local filming authorities if a filming permit is required for production at their location, and if so, the host should inform the renter of this requirement before accepting a booking request. Make sure you inform your renters if it is needed.

Question 8: How much time do you need for set-up and wrap-up?

Mind that Giggster bookings include the set-up and wrap-up time. It means that the renter should start cleaning and vacate the premises before the end time. Cleaning after the end time is considered overtime. Remind your renters to include these hours in their booking request.

Stage 2: Set

Once you have a confirmed booking, it is important to share all rules with your renter again, collect documentation required and exchange contact information for a smooth experience on the day of the booking. As a host you should also send check-in instructions with all access codes and information to your renter in advance. You can use the Welcome Guide feature to provide this information automatically via a template message that will be sent to all your renters two days prior to their booking.

Question 9: Who will be the point of contact on the day of the booking?

Clarify who will be responsible for a walkthrough at the beginning and the end of the booking. Who will be the first point of contact entering the location and allowing other participants in? Who will sign on the site rep report? Feel free to share your location representative’s phone number or your own number if you are going to act as a site rep.

Question 10: Do you have any questions about the house rules?

Don’t hesitate to double check if the rules are clear.

Question 11: Do you have any specific requirements for the space on the day of your booking?

Sometimes renters figure out they need something last minute. For example, equipment, props, catering services. Show your attention to the renter’s needs by asking this question and offering your add-ons.

Stage 3: Go!

During the booking, the host or their site representative should be available to answer any questions that may occur without interfering with the process itself. If you are not available on the day of the booking, make sure to send a site rep (location manager) who will provide assistance on site and complete a walkthrough with your renter at the end of their booking. Having somebody on site helps prevent unmet expectations and confusion, avoid situations where damages or overages are not covered, and/or the renter leaves negative feedback because of some minor communication issues. After the booking ends, check if everything was to the renter’s satisfaction and thus mitigate any possible concerns.

Question 12: Do you need help with anything?

It is not good to interfere with the booking process, however, it is absolutely fine to ask if everything goes well via a text message during the booking. It may happen that the renter needs your help or advice, but forgot how to contact you or is not feeling comfortable bothering you. Show that you care and remain available to them in case of any questions.

Question 13: Did the location meet your expectations?

Take any comments seriously and consider them for further improvements of your space. If the renter says that the location did not match the photos in the listing, make sure to update the photos and description accordingly.

Question 14: What would make your experience at my location even better?

Show your renter that their opinion matters and even if something went wrong, you are open to improvements based on their feedback. Consider resolving any negative feedback with a reasonable discount for the renter’s future bookings. You can credit a certain amount and allow the renter to use your space in the future at a lower rate.

Question 15: Would you recommend my space to others?

If your renter seems satisfied with your hospitality, ask them to leave a review for your location. 5-star reviews are an integral part of your rating score.

Feel free to use these questions to get to know your renter better and help accommodate their needs at your amazing location. Is there anything we have not covered? Send us the questions you ask your renters and we will add them to this article!

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